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Black and white.


Trench coat - Stylemoi
Shorts - Second hand
Socks - Oasap

Привет ребята! Я наконец то подстриглась. Сразу стало так легко и весело на душе. Вся одежда как будто смотрится лучше. Этот черный плащ - пиджак (низ отстегивается) очень крутой, мне повезло найти его и чтобы размер подошел.  
Hi guys! I finally hair cut. Immediately it was so fun and easy on the soul. All clothes are like looks better. This black coat - jacket (detachable bottom) is very cool, I was lucky to find him and approached the size.


  1. Oh My, I just love your hair this way it gives you a totally different look !♥

  2. Great!

  3. Beautiful, really simple and elegant. And your hair is wonderful ! <3

  4. Literally just came across your blog and I am in love!!

  5. Hi guys! I lastly haircut. Directly it remained so amusing and relaxed on the soul. All clothes are like looks healthier online shopping in pakistan

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