by - 12.5.15

Jacket - Oasap
Bag - Dresslink
Shorts - Second hand
Shoes - Dresslink

Сегодня хочу рассказать о новом онлайн магазине. В нем я нашла крутые туфли на платформе и прозрачную сумку по очень недорогим ценам. Моя посылка пришла быстро, качество хорошее.
Today I want to talk about a new online store. In it, I found a cool platform shoes and a transparent bag for a very low price. My parcel arrived quickly, the quality is good.

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  1. oh i got similar bag from ebay! cool look :)
    ✿ blog

  2. Today I poverty to talk about a innovative working store

  3. My tract inwards quickly, the excellence is worthy online shopping in lahore

  4. Hello from a new follower of your blog. I'm loving all your looks.
    This one is beyond stunning!

  5. Your post is good. I like style of your writing. So I got pleasure reading it. Thanks a lot